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Raisin Types:
Scientific names:

Vitis vinifera L.

Raisin - comes from the Latin racemus and means "a cluster of grapes or berries".
Cultured for fruit, eaten fresh or processed into raisins, juice, with some cultivars adapted for the
canning industry. Grape seeds contain 6-20% oil, used for edible purposes, soaps, and as a linseed
substitute. The leaves of this and other species are eaten in other cultures.

Common names:
Keshmesh (Persian), Raisin (English), Raisin Sec (French), Rosine (Germany), uva passa (Italy)
Dark Raisins: This kind is
prepared by drying the fruit in
full sun and results in a dark
Sultana Raisins: This kind is
brown and is the most popular
Golden Raisins: This kind is
oven-dried and then sulfur is
added to preserve its color.
Green Raisins: This kind is
naturally green, but sulfur is added
to bring out a brighter color.
Some useful information about raisin production.