Pink Rose Bud & Petals
Pink Rose Bud

The Iranian Pink Rose Bud (Rosa damascena) is one of the most famous type of rose in
the world for its fragrance. The perfume industry enjoys the essence of this rose to
produce the marvelous perfumes. The east Asian countries mostly use it in tea blending.
The European countries apply in various form; tea blending, decoration and potpourri
etc. and it is used in middle east as a food ingredient.   
Pink rose Petals

Pink rose petals are produced from separating the hip and sepals from the rose petals.
This is done by hand for every single rose bud. The rose petals are presented in different
forms and sizes - whole and teabag cut size of 1-2mm or in fine powder form - for different

Rose buds are packed in 2 ways: in
10KG nylon bag inside strong carton
boxes, and also in 2 x 4KG sealed
Aluminum foils inside strong carton box
totally 8KG.
The roses in aluminum foil

Each foil contains 4KG rose buds and 2 foil bags are placed in one strong carton box.
10KG Boxes

In each 20" container we load 450 carton boxes totally 4500KG Net rose buds,
and in each 40" container 1000 cartons equals to 10,000KG Net rose buds are
Brand name and logo

It depends on customer request. The cartons are usually labeled/printed with our brand name
FAMICO and the logo.

It is also possible to provide neutral  plain cartons without our brand name and the company
details upon customer's request.
Neutral boxes without our brand name and log
Boxes with our brand name and logo
4KG Aluminum foil